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Choosing the Correct Executor

What advice should you be giving when advising your clients on their choice of executor? Executors have an important role to play, their decisions can affect the amount of tax paid on an estate for example. They can also effect the speed with which the estate is dealt with and can help alleviate any stress at what is already a difficult and emotional time. It is a sad truth that problems within families are further enhanced by a death, especially where the death is of a family member who had a pivotal role within the family unit. Honesty and conscientiousness are, of course, key when choosing an executor but if your client is appointing more than one then they must also be able to work as a team. Executors must also have an understanding of tax to ensure that this is dealt with efficiently and cost effectively. Appointing a professional executor can often be an option worth exploring. The executor will be detached and able to make independent decisions that are in the best interests of the beneficiaries. There are also the added benefits of full indemnity insurance. Whatever your client’s choice, make sure they receive full advice about all the options.

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