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LPA Reviews

The review of the impact of the Mental Capacity Act, which commenced in October, will close on the 15th January. The Society has been involved and has been working with the Office of the Public Guardian in making amendments to the current process. The main areas which are being reviewed are: reducing the fee for registering lasting powers of attorney from £150 to £120  redesigning the Lasting Power of Attorney form and guidance notes to be clearer and more logical, with guidance notes incorporated in the form itself You are still able to read the consultation paper and give a response using the link below before the 15th January 2009. reviewing-mental-capacity-act.htm Following the admission from the OPG that their practices have not been up to the standard that their customers should expect, the Ministry of Justice has produced recommendations for a revised LPA form, which is hoped will ensure a more straightforward application process. The consultation is the first part of a much wider review into how well the Mental Capacity Act is working. Any changes decided following the consultation will be implemented in April 2009.

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