Fixed Probate Fees, call:

0800 612 6105

Alternatively local rate:

020 8150 2010

Probate Firm Investigated

A seven month inquiry into a probate firm is drawing to a close with shocking results and discoveries. Solicitors Probate Services Ltd first came to the attention of the authorities last year and in July they were banned from dealing with probate work. This meant that they were unable to act as executors or charge to store wills at their premises in Worcestershire. The company operated by approaching people in supermarkets and shopping centres and offered to write wills at low prices. After the ban on other activities they were allowed to carry on writing wills. In August however a consultant was discovered to be charging a £2100 up front fee for the company to be named as executor in a Will (this was in addition to their minimum 2% charge for acting) . They were also charging £500 for storage. A spokesman has confirmed that 4500 wills in which they were appointed as executor have been returned to the clients. If you are a victim of SPS Ltd then IWC will offer you a free of charge no strings “family Will” and storage. Please call us on 0845 600 3527 for further details (Terms & Conditions apply)

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