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Spreading Happiness in a Will

A village in Pembrokeshire has benefited from the £407,028 estate of a deceased resident who wanted to thank the community for their kindness. Margaret Alan and her husband Harry used to holiday in Solva, a picturesque seaside resort, and moved there 30 years ago to retire. The couple were welcomed into the community and soon became regular faces in the local Social Club and the chapel. When Harry died in 1990 the villagers helped Margaret to cope, especially when her own health began to deteriorate. To show how grateful she was Margaret left a number of bequests of thousands of pounds to churches, animal charities, the local conservation association and the surgery. She also left a large sum of money for Solva Luncheon Club’s Christmas drinks. She also left over £10,000 to more than a dozen of her close friends and carers and a share of her estate to anyone over the age of 60 who has lived in the village for over 20 years. This led to about 120 villagers each receiving about £500. She also left £3000 to ensure her cat Brutus was cared for after she had gone and £10,000 to her only living relative, her paternal half-sister’s grandson who lives in Norway. Villagers have made heart-warming comments about her generosity and what a central part of the community she was. It just goes to show that leaving a will can spread so much happiness to all the people who the deceased really wanted to benefit, along with leaving a lasting impression on the people they spent happy times with

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