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Local Giving

Many people when they are making a will
like to include donations to charity. As
well as national charities there is often a
desire to support local groups in order to
‘give something back’ to the local
While some of your clients may know
exactly which local causes they want to
support, others may be less sure.
This is where your local Community
Foundation is ideally placed to help.
Community Foundations are independent
charities that aim to develop and support
local charitable giving. There is a national
network of Community Foundations
across the UK.
Each local Foundation has a good
knowledge of charities and groups in their
area and offers a flexible vehicle through
which people can support the local
Any size of donation is welcomed and put
to good use in funding local groups.
However individuals who are able to
donate at a higher level (usually around a
minimum of £25,000) can also establish
their own personal ‘Fund’ at their local
Community Foundation. A Named Fund is an ideal vehicle
through which to leave a legacy for a
range of local causes. The donor
decides how they want the bequest to
be used, the donation is then invested
and the proceeds used to make grants
to support local people year after year.
For more information about your local
Community Foundation please go to

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