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Unexpected inheritance

A woman has become the benefactor of an unexpected £200,000 windfall after seeing a case on BBC1 programme ‘Heir Hunters’. The deceased man from Dunstable had become a recluse in his later years and his sister had lost contact with him. She says that they used to be close but it became increasingly difficult to stay in touch as he became more solitary and even removed his telephone line. As he did not leave a Will Mr Williams was added to the Treasury’s list of declared intestate estates. Fraser & Fraser, a firm of genealogists, undertook the search to find an heir to his estate. A neighbour of the deceased spoke to the researchers when they visited the area. He advised them of the existence of Mr Williams’ sister. His sister was telephoned during the show and informed of her brother’s death some seven months after he passed away. Mr Williams had lost his wife in the 1950’s and did not often leave the house for days at a time, occasionally venturing out to his local pub. His sister had sent him a birthday card just two months before he died but had no other contact with him. She was shocked at learning of his death but promised to buy a bottle of something decent to toast him with.

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