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Thinking of leaving your Estate to charity?

There are any number of reasons why thousand of individuals choose to leave either part of or their entire Estate to charity – family squabbles, no next of kin or a strong belief in the work that the charity does – it is these legacies which keep many of our charitable organisations in operation.

One of the advantages of leaving money to charity is that this “gift” is completely exempt from Inheritance Tax. ¬†In addition, if you wish to be remembered for the work you’ve done for a particular charity throughout your lifetime, this is a great way of ensuring that this will indeed happen.

Remember too that by by leaving a portion of your assets to such an organisation, you will in effect be reducing the total value of your Estate – which could have a profound effect on the amount of Inheritance Tax which will fall due on the event of your death.

If you’ve decided that this is the course of action you’d like to take, then simply mention the formal name of the organisation, its registered charity number and the exact amount that you would like to leave. ¬†Alternatively, you could set up a Trust, so that a group of Trustees will assume responsibility for ensuring that your charity will benefit in the way you want.

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