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Consider the cost of probate

One of the key things you will need to decide when you make your Will is who to appoint as Executors – the named individuals who will organise your funeral arrangements and administer your Estate after your death.  It is common to use relatives or friends in this capacity but obviously prior consent must be obtained from the individuals concerned as this is a hugely responsible role.  With this in mind, you may also want to consider using an experienced probate professional as part of the executor team.

Your probate professional, should you choose one, will of course charge a fee.  However, considerable savings are often made on the overall administration of an Estate in this way, with strategic tax limitation activities a priority.

However, should you choose to use a professional, you should certainly research them thoroughly beforehand.  Fees will be based on the value of your Estate, so for example, if it was worth £250,000 in its entirety at the time of your death, several well known high street banks would be likely to charge around £10,000 to act as Executors.  Reputable, individual probate practitioners would be much more likely to charge considerably less, for at the very least, the same level of input and experience.

If you are about to start preparing your Will, think about who you want to choose as Executors now.  This is a very important decision for all concerned, and you would be wise to seek advice.

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