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Organ donation and other choices from beyond

One of the terms that is often included in Will writing is the choice of how you want your body to be disposed.  You should make your family aware whilst you are living if you wish to donate organs and if so, which ones, so they can pass this information on to hospital staff.  You can start this process now yourself by taking a few minutes to add yourself to the national register and carrying a donor card.  If you have no strong feelings and are happy to donate whatever the hospital feels can be used, then you can say so.  If you are not prepared to donate any particular organs then this too must be specified.

You can also state in your Will whether you have any strong preference for a burial or a cremation.  Some people would, for example, like to have an ornate headstone, whilst others want nothing more than their ashes scattered in a special place which holds particularly happy memories for them.  It is of course wise to remember that family members will need to follow out these instructions to the letter, so it is always best to keep arrangements as simple as possible. You can also specify what type of coffin you have – many people opting for cremation are choosing new ‘eco’ cardboard coffins, which reduces cost and is kinder to the environment.  Your Will can also remind family about pre-arranged burial plots, family graves and any provision you have already made to be buried there.

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