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Where to store your Will

Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and funeral expenses can, if not provided for correctly, leave your family in a serious mess, facing months of legal work and potential expense, so preparing a Will in advance is always advised.   But once prepared, where to store it? Obviously, keeping it at home is not an option – it could get lost among your other household possessions or in the worst case scenario, be destroyed in a fire or flood.

Your professional Will writer should both store your Will in a fireproof facility provided by the Society of Will Writers and register it with WillData, the national Will registration service.  You will then be provided with a copy of the document for your records and your Will Writer should also write to the Executors, letting them know the location of the Will.  In this way, in the event of your death, they will be able to produce the document easily, ensuring all terms are met, and all legal obligations fulfilled.  Being able to do this in a time of high emotions and stress means that the whole probate procedure is usually faster and more straight forward, reducing upset for the loved ones left behind.

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