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Celebrity Wills make for interesting reading

New facts which have recently come to light regarding the Wills belonging to a number of key people throughout the last 150 years, make for extremely interesting reading.

Highlighting the Wills of well-known people such as Karl Marx and Charles Dickens, it may surprise you to see how many of these historical figures actually died in near poverty and which ones left a fortune to their loved ones.

Published for the first time, this fascinating collection of online documentation shows that some did manage to retain their fortunes whilst others seemed to have lost it all and left almost nothing to friends and loved ones. Explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton seems to have suffered financially, leaving an Estate valued at a mere £20000, whereas it appears that both Charles Dickens and Darwin died as millionaires in relative terms – Darwin being worth the equivalent of £13 million when he passed away and Dickens leaving a very respectable £7 million.

Communist Karl Marx died in relative poverty which may well not come as a surprise, but one question remains; he and his wife had seven children, yet his whole Estate, which totalled just £23000, was left to his youngest daughter Eleanor, with the others receiving nothing.

Whilst it is unlikely we will ever find out the absolute truth to the stories behind some of these Wills, it certainly makes for entertaining reading.

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