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Victims of suicide can have Wills too

In most cases, almost immediately after a person’s death, the coroner records the cause of death on the Death Certificate.  Unfortunately, the cause is, on occasion, given as suicide.

Regardless of the circumstances, suicide is one of the last remaining great taboos of our society.  This may be one of the reasons why many people are under the false impression that if the deceased committed suicide, then any Will that they have made becomes invalid.

Suicide victims are normally considered to have carried out the event as a result of a temporary leave of sanity.  The deceased is considered to have been so severely depressed, distressed or confused that they reached a point where they felt the only course of action was to take their own life, hence the reason why it is perfectly valid to question the making of the Will.  However,  if the document was prepared at some point before this, when the person in question was assumed to have been thinking coherently, there are no legal grounds to suggest the Will is no longer valid.  The law simply states that at the time of making a Will, the individual must be of sane mind.

Should the matter bring forth legal proceedings, the English court would usually rule that the Will made before the suicide should stand,  provided the individual was thought to have been of sane mind at the time, and it has been signed and witnessed appropriately.

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