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Fixed Fee Probate

Recent news reports, including the high-profile “Panorama” programme, have highlighted several unprofessional companies which offer probate services, based on a lack of clarified terms and conditions, resulting in their claiming extortionate fees – considerably different from those originally agreed.

When looking for a probate professional, it is always advisable to simply ask around.  Find out whether a particular individual or practice was effective in assisting with both simple and complicated cases.  Were they honest and transparent about their fee structure?  Did they offer good value for money?  Have they been practising for a number of years?

A good probate practitioner will ensure that you completely understand the probate process, the terminology used, and the fee structure in place.  They may also offer a fixed fee probate service.  This means that regardless of the circumstances of the case and the value of the Estate involved, the price that you are quoted will be the exact price that you will pay when probate has been settled.  It is not given as a percentage of the total value of the Estate, but as an exact sum.

This kind of fee structure tends to be offered by probate professionals who have worked in the sector for some considerable time.  They are experienced enough to judge the potential complications of a case, and will have dealt with all sorts of circumstances, therefore being able to quote accordingly and accurately.   This of course is more reassuring for Executors, who are then clearer about what will need to be paid out of the Estate.

Most probate professionals are passionate about making the process as simple and clear as possible for Executors, during what can be a very emotive and vulnerable time.  Effective research and a transparent, fixed fee structure can go a long way to easing the stress and uncertainty during this difficult period.

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