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Wills And Life After Death…

Most wills are fairly straightforward – they list out the items that should be given to certain individuals, and how an estate should be divided. This is true for the majority of wills, and, even if there is some dispute, or an error, it is possible to fix or amend the problem.

Some wills, however, do more than simply list bequests. Some offer profound (or not!) last words, or even instructions on what the living should do after the deceased has passed on.

Take Harry Houdini, for example. The world famous American escapologist, stuntman, and magician (24th March 1874 to 31st October 1926) amongst other things, was fascinated by the occult and spiritualism. His last wish was that his wife, Wilhelmina, hold an annual séance to try to contact him on the other side. Wilhelmina did as she was asked for ten years, but after that time she stopped trying. Houdini would have to get in touch with her if he wanted to!

John Bowman was another man who believed that he would be able to return from death. The American lawyer (16th October 1824 to 21st September 1891) founded Kentucky University, and was well renowned for his teaching and scholarly ideas. However, when his wife and two daughters died, something changed for Bowman. He convinced himself that, when he passed away, his entire family, now whole again, would all come back to life. It is unclear where this belief came from, but he was so sure of it that his will included the stipulation that his servants should prepare dinner for him every night, just in case he returned and was hungry! Sounds odd? Well, Bowman set up a $50,000 trust fund in order to keep paying his servants to keep the house clean and tidy, and to keep preparing those meals. It wasn’t until 1950, almost 60 years after Bowman’s death, that the money ran out, and when it did, the servants stopped working.

No matter what final wishes you want to put in your will, we can help you – just get in touch to make sure that you leave everything just as you want it.

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