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When Should You Hire A Probate Specialist?

Probate can range between being quick and relatively easy to being incredibly difficult, lasting many months or even years. Sometimes probate isn’t required at all. It can be impossible to tell how long the probate for your loved one’s estate is going to take; even if it seems as though the estate is a simple one, there can be complications. It is often much better for people to hire probate specialists to take core of the entire job for them. There are specific times when this is essential.

One of these times is if inheritance tax is due. Inheritance tax has to be paid on any amount over the current £325,000 threshold, and the rate is at 40 percent. This can definitely complicate probate, and therefore is it best to have an expert help you with it; mistakes can be very costly.

Another reason for hiring an expert is if the deceased died intestate (without a will) and the estate is a complicated one to administer. You may also need a specialist if there is a will but there are doubts as to its validity. These things will need to be checked and double checked, and this can take time.

Sometimes people deliberately leave their family members out of their will. If this happens and children are left out of the will, they may have a claim, which is when specialists will be required to step in and take over the probate claim.

Trusts can also make probate complicated, and if there are assets in trust then you may not be able to deal with them easily. Bankruptcy also complicates matters, as debtors may need to be paid first despite the arrangements within the will.

Whenever a foreign country is involved, a probate specialist should be brought in. It could be that the deceased owned property or other assets abroad, or perhaps they lived outside of the UK at the time of their death. Either way, this can add time and complications to any probate application.

If you are confused by any aspect of probate, get in touch today. We can help.

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