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Why You Could Be At Risk From An Unregulated Will Industry

You may think that one company offering wills is as good as any other, but this is where mistakes can be made. There can be problems if you don’t research the company first and look at the reviews and opinion of other people who have used them. This is because the will writing industry is still unregulated (although there are calls for this to be changed) and that means that anyone can set up a company offering to prepare wills for people.

Without the experience and knowledge that is required to write a will, however, this could be a dangerous thing to do for everyone involved.

What you may not realise is that if you have a will written by an unregulated, unqualified, and probably uninsured company or individual, it could very easily be poorly drafted leading to a confusion when it is executed. It could even be negligently drafted, resulting in probate issues and fines. Plus, a disreputable will writing company will often try to sell their most expensive products, most of which are not required, taking many thousands of pounds from potentially vulnerable people.

Using a qualified solicitor can solve this problem because you will know you are getting someone to work on your will who knows exactly what they are doing and who will be able to write a will that is clear, straightforward, and can be acted upon (even if the estate is a complicated one). The problem with using solicitors is that they are expensive, and when so many other places offer such good prices… it can be hard to resist.

In the end, the choice is yours and it will depend on your budget to some extent as well as the confidence you have in your research skills in order to find a will writing company that will do a good job and that is experienced enough to know how to deal with your estate. If you feel unhappy or pressured at any time, or if the costs are not what you had thought, then step away – there are many other companies to look at.

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