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Should You Choose Burial Or Cremation? Write It Down!

If you have written a will (or even – perhaps especially – if you haven’t), did you include in it any instructions about what you want to have happen to your body after you die? Did you express any particular wish about either cremation or burial (or another option) for example? If not, this might be something worth considering since not having this information can cause upset and disputes between family members when they are trying to make a decision.

Knowing how and even where to lay you to rest will save any rows at an already emotional time. But since talking about death and what comes next isn’t something everyone is comfortable talking about, writing the instructions in your will or in a separate letter to be opened in the even of your death (which is kept with your will) can help immensely.

It can come as a surprise to find that your next of kin doesn’t automatically get to choose where you are buried or cremated. That responsibility actually falls to your executors first, assuming you have a will. Without a will it will be the administrators who make the decision. If there is no one else, then it could even be the owner of the premises in which the person lived – so perhaps your landlord could choose what happens to your body. Finally, the local authority may take responsibility for you. It will all depend on your personal circumstances when you died. If you write down what you want then there will be no confusion and no arguments. It can all just be dealt with peacefully.

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