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When someone close to you passes away

Our experience has taught us that getting the legal affairs of a deceased person in order can be very distressing when someone close to you passes away, when many people are still dealing with the overwhelming grief of their loss. At times like these, having to deal with the red tape of probate forms can be very daunting, and the first step for many involves simply learning to understand the legal side of probate a little better.

The Probate a Will website is designed to help you to do just this, in simple to understand plain English. We don’t do jargon, and we won’t try to baffle you with legalese and complicated terminology that you aren’t familiar with!

IWC Estate Planning and Management Limited is the premier specialist probate organisation in England, offering coverage all over the country. We can take care of the heavy lifting for you, providing vital support and guidance to help you to navigate the maze that probate can seem to many, at an already difficult time.

Fixed Fee to Probate a Will

Offering an empathic, bespoke personal service is our speciality when someone close to you passes away, and the heart of what we do is based on seeing our clients and their deceased loved ones as real people, and not simply as numbers on a spreadsheet. We will work hard to ensure a favourable outcome for you, whatever your requirements.

Our work is protected and secured by professional private indemnity insurance for your peace of mind, and we are also registered under the Data Protection Act and regulated by the Society of Will Writers and Estate Planning Practitioners. Probate a Will is part of IWC Estate Planning & Management Ltd.

Contact us now to speak to an experienced member of our specialist team for sound, sympathetic advice. Trust Probate a Will to assist you with the probate and estate resolution process; we genuinely have your best interests at heart if you need to find out what is probate.