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Why we need to make death cool

Because death happens..

This week, I have been Twittering on about making a Will (cue yawn and glazed eyes!)

For many, if someone suggests making a Will, they automatically think this will lead in the very near future to developing a passion for Werther’s Originals, the overwhelming desire to watch “The Thorn Birds” re-runs on TV and the need to place lace protectors on the backs of their chairs. And wait! Who’s that bloke in black hanging around with a tape measure in his hand?

If anyone ever made a list of the top pub conversation themes, I think estate planning would come somewhere between best brands of cat litter and the life cycle of the worm.

Recent research has shown that 85% of UK adults in their 20s haven’t made a Will as they feel they’re “too young”. Because death only happens to the old, obviously.

Switch to a story this week about a 41 year old woman, whose step-brother’s threats over their parents’ unsettled probate led her to drink heavily and take her child out in the car whilst under the influence, resulting in prosecution. Why on earth didn’t their parents simply spend a couple of hours filling out the paperwork to make their wishes known?

So throw off that slanket, pull on your Ugg boots (because “old” fashions are the new black it seems) and give us a call. Tell you what, for every 50th caller, we’ll throw in a packet of Werther’s.

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