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Choosing a Willwriter – it pays to do your research

Another sterling example of unprofessionalism in the industry has been highlighted over the last few weeks, in the press.

The management team at Willmakers of Distinction are, at the time of writing, currently awaiting their fate, having swindled dozens of clients out of literally thousands of pounds.  Not only that, but only one man actually had any experience of writing a Will at all, and he had previously been struck off as a solicitor!

As we have already mentioned, the Willwriting industry is as yet, unregulated – something which the trustworthy professionals among us are keen to address – and quickly.  When looking for a Willwriter then, you should first check that they are at the very least a member of an organisation such as the Society of Willwriters or Institute of Professional Willwriters.  However, the best way to check on the validity of a firm is simply to do your research first.

A quick glimpse at Willmakers of Distinction on Google reveals that as far back as 2003, the OFT refused the organisation a consumer credit licence, on the grounds that one of the directors had convictions for false accounting, theft and conspiracy to defraud – and yet they continued to trade successfully for a further five years?

A bona fide Willwriter should be open and transparent.  They will be able to supply references and proof of qualifications and experience.  Some may even have a very high profile, being referred to in the press, being featured widely on Google and social media sites.  They will also be happy to inform you of their fees up front – with no “hidden extras”.

Take your time and prepare thoroughly when searching for a Willwriter.  With something as important as your Estate, you simply can’t afford to leave it in the hands of cowboys.

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