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Funeral costs – what to expect

A recent survey of over 2000 people, carried out by Which? has returned some startling results:

  • 45% of funerals in the last two years cost over £3000
  • 10% of funerals in the last two years cost over £4000
  • In a staggering 16% of cases, these costs were not met by the deceased’s estate

In most instances, particularly when it is the first time someone has organised a funeral, they simply have no idea what is involved and how much it will cost.  A good undertaker will be able to advise the procedures that need to be  followed, documentation required and things which need to be organised.  However, to help you in the interim, we’re providing a “checklist” with ballpark prices, so you can ensure that you have enough money put aside to help your loved ones when the time comes.

Burial – anywhere between £150 and £600, depending on whether you have opted for full burial or cremation

Headstone – usually between £35 and £100

Funeral service fees – around £500

Transport – if by hearse, around £500

Coffin – From £90 for an environmentally friendly cardboard one, up to around £1000

Coffin shroud – £25

Cost of cremation (if appropriate) – in the region of £500

Newspaper announcements around £100

Flowers at church approximately £200

Don’t forget too, to factor in room hire and catering, if it’s to be used for a post-funeral gathering.

Fees can vary considerably, so always gather a selection of quotes from different funeral directors.

Next of kin should remember that as the funeral organisers, they are responsible for paying all bills, usually reimbursed from funds out of the Estate.  It is therefore always advisable that when preparing your Will, you set aside a named sum specifically for funeral expenses.

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