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Pets in Wills – who will care for your pet after you’ve gone?

One of the main worries of many people approaching retirement age, is what will happen to their pet, should they be left behind after the person’s death.  And rightly so.

Did you know that you can include your pets in your Will?

The first action you should take is to approach a handful of the most appropriate people in your family and ask them first, whether they would be willing to take on your pet in the event of your death.  Remember, this is a lifelong commitment to the animal, and is not a decision which should be taken – or agreed to lightly.

If someone is capable of looking after your pet and is more than happy to do so, then simply ensure that a clause is included in your Will, along with the stipulation that a stated sum of money be put aside out of your Estate for welfare expenses.

Should no-one unfortunately agree to take on the role of pet owner, your next option is to source a caring local or national rehoming charitable organisation.  This organisation should be named, and you should stipulate that under no circumstances is the animal to be put to sleep and you must ensure that you can provide enough funds in the Will to enable the organisation to care for your pet, for the rest of its life.

Many people look on their pets as being equally important as their human family members (and some even more so!)  It stands to reason then, that they should have provision made for them in your Will, to ensure that they are able to continue to live their life happily and safely.

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