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How to find a good Willwriter

The recent Panorama programme which highlighted the practices of unscrupulous Will writers and probate practitioners understandably drew lots of media attention and uproar amongst the British public, due on the whole no doubt, to the sensitive nature of the industry and the fact that it is as yet, unregulated.

However, what we must not lose sight of, is it also reported that around 2/3 of us don’t currently have a Will in place, indicating that it’s something we just haven’t “got around to”.

The findings of the Panorama programme are unlikely to persuade then, that 2/3 portion of the population to go ahead and have a Will prepared.  However, countless numbers of people who didn’t “get around to it” have since passed on, leaving their affairs, and their loved ones, in a state of confusion, stress and financial difficulty.

Be under no illusion – there ARE unscrupulous Will writers out there.  However, the majority of the professionals are honest and experienced, offering an excellent service.  All you need to do is find out who they are, and steer clear of the sharks.

When looking for a Willwriter, you should first check that they are at the very least a member of an organisation such as the Society of Willwriters or Institute of Professional Willwriters.  However, the best way to check on the validity of a firm is simply to do your research first.

A bona fide Willwriter should be open and transparent.  They will be able to supply references and proof of qualifications and experience.  Some may even have a very high profile, being referred to in the press, being featured widely on Google and social media sites.  They will also be happy to explain in detail each and every aspect of the terms and conditions and inform you of their fees up front – with no “hidden extras”.

Don’t sign the paperwork  without reading it through first.  By all means, ask for a day or two to read it through thoroughly and ask questions about anything you’re not sure about, before signing.   Ask a relative or friend to read through it too, if you like.

Take your time and prepare when looking for a Willwriter.  With something as important as your Estate, you simply can’t afford to leave it in the hands of cowboys.

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