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Applying for a standing search

Most often, a Will is proven without incidence.  However, occasionally, there may be some dispute over the contents of the document, particularly if family members have not been included, and have not been allowed to see the Will.

In this instance, the individuals seeking information may apply for a standing search.  This is essentially a formal request to receive a copy of the grant of representation and the Will, if one has indeed been made.

Once a standing search has been requested, then shortly after, applicants will receive notification that the search has been entered, and a copy of the grant of representation will be forwarded, unless no grant has yet been issued.  The application for the search will remain active for up to six months, but it can be renewed so that it continues for as long as necessary.

Similarly, if the death occurred within the last twelve months, the grant will be located and a copy forwarded on.  However, if the grant was issued over twelve months prior to the search being requested, then the search cannot take place.

Remember of course, that a grant is not automatically awarded to every Estate, particular if the total value was under £5000 and if all assets were under joint names.

Should the death have taken place considerably farther back in time, information can be obtained via the Probate Calendar.  This calendar dates from 1858 and includes all grants issued since that time.  A probate professional will be able to advise, accordingly.

If you have been unable to view a Will for which you feel you should have benefitted, a standing search may provide the answer.

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