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Why appoint a professional to probate a will?

You may be considering handling probate independently to save money on legal fees.  While it is a relatively straightforward process, there are some circumstances where DIY probate isn’t advisable.  Here are some factors to think about before you make the decision to go it alone.

Do you feel up to it?

Probate can be time consuming and stressful, you may not want to face this at such a difficult time.   There’s no need to feel obliged to handle everything on your own just because you’ve been named as an executor.

Do you have the time?

Before you commit, make sure you can allocate the time to administer the estate.  Many people underestimate how demanding it can be.  It involves preparing an inheritance tax return, keeping a set of accounts and keeping all beneficiaries informed of what’s happening.

Do you live nearby?

You may be required to obtain valuations of property, chattels and other assets.  Plus, you’ll be required to attend an interview at the probate registry as part of the application process.  If you don’t live in the area and there’s no-else who can assist you with this, it may be better to use a professional service.

Is the estate complicated?

Some estates are straight-forward, they may consist of a current account, savings account and the family home.  Others can include trusts, stocks and shares, overseas assets, and many bank accounts.  If the estate is complex, with many assets spread over different institutions the process can be extremely difficult and lengthy.

Is there likely to be a dispute?

If you think there’s a chance there may be a dispute between yourself and other executors or between beneficiaries, you may wish to let a professional handle everything.  This will save you being at the centre of any conflict.



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