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What should I do if I don’t want to act as executor of a will?

When faced with having to probate a will, it’s normal for executors to feel a little daunted at the prospect.  Sometimes however, the situation can be more serious and you may be considering renouncing your rights to act.  If the death was sudden, for example, you may feel too grief stricken to be faced with the financial side.  Or perhaps you no longer live in the country, making it impossible to fulfil your duties.

This is by no means an easy decision to make.  On one hand you feel a duty and an obligation to carry out the last wishes of your loved one.  On the other, you may simply not have the time to dedicate to the task.

Acting as an executor is a serious responsibility and you can be made personally liable for any mistakes made.  Of course, you have the option to let a probate professional handle the estate but sometimes beneficiaries don’t agree as they feel they could save thousands on legal costs.

Whatever your situation, there are 2 options available to you:

1.  Renounce your rights to act

This is done through a document called a Deed of Renunciation.  You are stating that you want no involvement in the probate process.  The deed is lodged with the Probate Registry and is final; you cannot later change your mind.

Order a Deed of Renunciation online

2.  Reserve your power to act

This allows you to take a step back from the process of probating a will.  You reserve your rights to act as an executor if necessary at a later date.  It involves completing a form and sending it off to the registry along with the application.

Download a Power Reserved form

If you wish to keep more control over the process, a probate practitioner can handle the legal side of dying on your behalf.  This includes making the probate application, inheritance tax return, valuations, collecting monies, paying debts and distributing the proceeds to the beneficiaries.

Our services are available for a low cost, fixed fee which is payable from the estate at the end.  We don’t charge hefty percentages or hourly rates and you’ll know the cost from the outset.  For a free quote call 0800 612 6105.

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