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Mistakes In Wills

It has been estimated that as many as one in five wills contains a mistake. That’s a massive twenty per cent, and the figure could be even higher, because many smaller mistakes are never even noticed. This is especially true if the executor is not a close member of the family, or someone who knew the deceased particularly well.

The main problem – the reason that so many wills are error filled – is that the people trusted to write up the will and ensure that everything is correct do not carry out the proper checks and, because so few members of the public really understand how a will should be written, no one picks up on the mistakes.

Another reason is that people choose to write their own wills, possibly by picking a form from the internet, or from a shop, without asking anyone for any advice. This can be perfectly reasonable and work adequately well if your estate is nice and simple, but if there are many different beneficiaries, or if the estate is split into assets, trusts, property, and money, then it is always worth contacting the professionals who can ensure that your will is error free.

And unfortunately, some wills are riddled with errors because of fraudsters. These are individuals or even small companies who set themselves up in the business of writing wills, but who don’t have any experience, qualifications, or knowledge in the subject. Thankfully, they are few and far between, but they are most certainly out there.

This shocking news means that new regulations are to be introduced to make sure that potentially damaging situations can be avoided. These regulations would include proper training, the ability to contact the legal ombudsman should something go wrong, a regulated body, and have constant and up to date checks.

No one wants to have a will dragged through the courts and contested or challenged simply because of a small error that could easily have been fixed. Losing a loved one is hard enough, without the added headache and heartache that an incorrect will can cause.

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