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How Much Does A Funeral Cost?

Funeral expenses are a tricky, emotive subject. It’s a topic that people don’t usually wish to talk about – and that’s entirely understandable; no one enjoys thinking of their own demise, or that of others that they love and will miss. However, with the cost of an average funeral now topping £4,000, perhaps it is something that should be discussed. It is something that should be considered.

Funerals can be paid for in advance, either in a lump sum, or on a weekly or monthly arrangement. This saves any worry for your family when the time comes to arrange your send off. This is also a great way to ensure that your funeral is exactly as you would want it to be, as you can be involved in the arrangements. Not only will this give you peace of mind that your final goodbye will be absolutely how you imagined it, but it will also take the burden off your loved ones. If they know that the funeral is what you wanted, they will be less anxious about organising it.

Alternatively, you can ensure that there are sufficient funds available to pay for the funeral service in your estate. Again, making sure of this one thing can take away stress from your family at an incredibly difficult time.

But just what are funeral costs? How does it all add up? There are many different factors to consider, and they all go towards the funeral itself.

The first item that would need to be paid for is the doctor’s fee. This is the fee required for two doctors to certify the death.

Next are copies of the entry into the register. Although the initial registration of a death is free of charge, if copies are required, they must be paid for – photocopies are usually not accepted, and so certified copies must be obtained. These copies will often be required for banks and building societies, and for landlords.

If you choose a cremation, then there will be a cremation fee. This depends on where the cremation is to take place, as each crematorium (and each authority) is different. As well as the cremation fee, there is also the medical reference fee. This is the fee payable to a medical professional who will check the paperwork before a cremation can take place.

For a burial, a coffin will need to be chosen and paid for. This can range from a very basic model to something absolutely spectacular! It entirely depends on budget, and personal preference, and can cost anywhere from hundreds to many thousands of pounds. The same is true of a headstone – it can be small and simple or large and eye catching.

The cost of the burial itself can differ from area to area – whether you choose a church ground or burial ground. It can also cost more to be buried in a church that is not local to you. You may wish to do this if a spouse or partner, or other loved ones, are buried in a specific place, or if you loved somewhere in particular in life, and feel you would like to be buried there. These costs can sometimes be a surprise, so ensure you look into everything beforehand.

You may also need to pay for grave deeds. This can be known as the ‘exclusive right to burial’ and it means that you own the grave for a period of time (specified on the deeds). This is not possible to obtain for burial in a churchyard, but you may feel it is something you require for a cemetery or woodland burial. On top of this fee, there is the internment fee – the cost of the actual burial itself. Sometimes this fee includes grave digging fees, and sometimes they are billed separately. It is always good to ask.

Finally, the service must be paid for. Whomever you choose to take the service, and wherever it is to take place, there will be a fee attached. Again, these differ from place to place, person to person, and depend what you wish to include. If you want a choir, or the organ to be played, or bells to ring, or any number of extra items, they will all be at an additional cost.

There are so many variables, so many options, that is it always worth checking everything out before it becomes a surprise to those who are organising your funeral.

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