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Are Banded Probate Fees About To Come Back?

Probate experts are worried that the government might decide to revive their somewhat controversial ideas about reforming probate fees, and if they did that, many people could end up paying thousands of pounds more in probate costs.

Right now, there is a flat fee of £215 for probate applications. Earlier on in 2017, the Ministry of Justice did suggest that this could be changed, and that a banded structure of fees be put in in its place. This would be based on the value of the estate, with estates that are worth more paying more in probate fees. An example would be a £500,000 estate having to pay £4,000.

This idea was scrapped for a number of reasons, one of which was that charities would have lost a massive £18 million a year in legacy income.

Although the idea was shelved, that doesn’t mean that it has completely disappeared. Instead, it is considered ‘dormant’ meaning that once the government is in a position to bring the measures in again, they may well do exactly that. It would be brought back in its existing form, and then taken to a vote in the Houses of Parliament.

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