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Debts From The Dead

It is a myth to believe that your debts are wiped out when you die. Some of the smaller ones might be written off, but anything owed to a council will need to be paid by the estate, as councils have a legal duty to collect money owed to them (since it is used to benefit the public in most cases).

A recent survey showed that in Nottingham almost £260,000 is owed from the deceased, amounting to around £600 for each of the 430 estates.

It is difficult both in terms of time and because of the sensitive nature of dealing with the estates of the deceased, which is why Nottingham City Council has chosen to outsource the work; they now use a specialist company to collect the money for them. And it appears to be working. The company was tasked with collecting an initial amount of £72,074, and has so far brought in £46,608.

The council pays for the service, but feels they are still getting a good deal, as they are gathering in money they would otherwise possibly have struggled to recoup.

So it’s good news for the debt collectors, and it’s good news for the council. But what about the families of those who have passed away and now need to pay council tax arrears? Some are finding it a bitter pill to swallow, whereas other are more accepting of the bill.

What do you think? Is it right for a council to collect council tax after someone has died? And if so, is it right for them to use a specialist company to do it?

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