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How Can You Make Sure That Your Will Is Not Contested In Court?

Many people think that once they have written their will, that is it. There is nothing more to be said. It’s done. And while that may be the case for the majority of people, it isn’t always what happens; sometimes will can be challenged and contested in court. How can you stop that from happening?

Know The Value Of Your Estate

When it comes to writing your will, it is best to make sure that it is as accurate as possible. If you own your own property, for example, and you bought it some years ago, or you think that by the time you pass away it will be worth more than you paid for it, it will be worth getting a valuation. If you would rather not have someone come to value your home, then look around at the other houses that are for sale in your area, and compare those prices. It can come as rather a surprise to discover just how much your property really is worth. Once you know the value of your estate (not just the property, but everything else you own added together), as well as any life insurances, you will have all the information needed to decide how to distribute your estate. Make sure there is a lot of information written in the will as it is a lack of information and misunderstandings that often lead to a will being contested.

Tell People What Your Will Says

If you let people know what to expect from your will before you die, they will be prepared, even if they don’t agree with it. Hopefully they will have plenty of time to get used to the idea. Surprise can lead people to contest a will if they don’t get what they were expecting from the estate.

Update Your Will

An out of date will is a big reason for it to be contested. Life changes a lot, and it is likely that it will change from the time you wrote your will initially until the time it will need to be executed. Therefore, when these changes occur (births, deaths, marriages, additional income and property, loss of those things, business deals and so on) you must update your will to reflect the new status. You can either create a brand new will, or you can add a small change via a codicil.

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