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How To Choose An Executor For Your Will

When writing a will you may think that the most important things to include revolve around who will receive what from your estate. You might even think that your funeral arrangements are a good idea to include (although you may prefer to write this in a separate letter). But what about the executor for your will? Have you given them much thought at all?

Choosing the right executor for your will is an important element to consider; it is a specific legal duty, and shouldn’t be undertaken lightly. Don’t just pick a name at random and hope that they will be fine with the task they have been given. There are other things to think about first.

So who should you appoint as an executor for your will?

The main thing you need to consider is that you will need to appoint someone you can trust, and who is responsible. If they don’t or can’t distribute your estate in accordance with your will they can be heavily fined. In some cases they can even be imprisoned so it is an extremely serious job indeed. You can choose an individual (or individuals; you can have up to four executors if you wish), a solicitor, or a professional executor.

Something that is worth pointing out to anyone who you are considering giving the task of executor to is that they can always ask for advice if they need it. A solicitor may be able to work with them to ensure that the job is done correctly. After all, it is unlikely that many people will have been an executor more than once, or more than a very small number of times if they have done it before.

If your executor finds the job too difficult to carry out (it is hard work and takes up a lot of time, which can be an issue is they have a day job as well) they can step aside. However, if you have spoken to them about the fact that you want them to be your executor and you have given them time to do the research required to confirm that they will be happy to carry out the job, they should be able to do what they are required without any problems.

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