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6 Alternatives to Burial

Not everyone likes the idea of their bodies (or the bodies of their friends and families) being buried. And some religions don’t allow it either. In the past, one of the very few legal alternatives (in the UK) was cremation, but these days there is a lot more choice. Here are just a few of these new ideas.


There is a lot of research going on into cryonics at the moment, and it certainly does has a lot of exciting features going for it when it comes to what happens to us after we die. Cryonics means that the body is frozen without the tissue being damaged, and the people who choose this method of ‘disposal’ (the body is actually kept in storage) are usually the ones who are hopeful that medical discoveries in the future will allow them to be brought back to life. Right now, although the freezing procedure is possible, we are no closer to bringing anyone back from the dead.

Tree Planting

Tree planting would happen after a cremation – the ashes would be placed into soil with a tree seed and then planted. The ashes wouldn’t affect the tree’s DNA or growth, and it’s good for the environment because the more trees that are planted the better. It also means that loved ones have a specific place to come and remember you out in nature.


Aquamation is for those who don’t like the idea of cremation or burial, but understand that something has to happen to their body. Aquamation is the process of using water rather than fire to speed up the deterioration process of the body.

Space Burial

At the moment, a space burial is a costly idea, but an interesting and increasingly popular one nonetheless. You can either have your ashes or – for more money – your entire body launched into space on a rocket. It’s not particularly eco-friendly, but it is exciting!


Dissolution is the process of the body being put into a tank of chemicals that cause it to dissolve quickly. Sometimes the body is dismembered first, depending on the size of the tank. This is not a pleasant thought, but if you are looking for a fuss-free way to dispose of your own body after death, this idea might suit.


This method of disposal is ideal for those who want to do something for the planet even after they have passed away. This is the process of being turned into fertiliser. It works by freezing the body in liquid nitrogen and then the body being crushed into powder. This powder is then mixed with compost or sprinkled on plants.

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