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The Executor’s Expense

An executor is the person who has to ‘execute’ the will of the deceased. That means that they need to deal with the administration of the estate, and ensure that each beneficiary receives their inheritance. It can be a difficult job, and certainly one that takes a long time (especially if the executor has a full time job to deal with as well). It can be costly too, and that is where the executor’s expense comes in.

There are some costs that are unavoidable when it comes to executing a will. The amounts are often small amounts, but all added together they can become a fairly large amount, and for some the cost can even become difficult to manage. This is why the executor is able to claim back certain expenses from the estate, if they have been incurred through the administration of that estate, and if those expenses have gone on to benefit the estate and its beneficiaries.

There isn’t an exact list as to what is (or what isn’t) an expense that can be claimed back by the executor, as it will depend from estate to estate, but here are some to consider that might be allowable:

  • Postage costs
  • Paying off utility bills
  • Maintenance to any property such as a gardener
  • Valuations for assets
  • Clearing costs
  • Cleaning costs
  • Insurances
  • Mileage (although this expense can only be claimed if the executor has had to travel a long way from their home to the deceased’s to carry out the administration).

Expenses that are claimed for can be rejected by the beneficiaries in some cases. This will happen if the cost was incurred for something that did not go on to benefit the estate in any way, or if there is no evidence that the executor had such a cost in the first place.

This is why it is important for the executor to keep records and receipts of everything that have spent, so that there can be no challenges and the executor is not left out of pocket.

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