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Probate Forms

What Probate forms do I need?

The starting point for most probate forms are forms IHT205 and form PA1. This is the form required when making a personal application. Certain questions on the inheritance tax form IHT205, when answered in a certain way, will tell you to stop filling in this form but instead use Probate form IHT400.

You may also require form IHT217 if the deceased’s person estate is valued in excess of £325,000 and they were widowed and you wish to claim their deceased’s spouse’s nil rate band.

Other scenarios where IHT205 is not suitable include when the gross estate of the person to die is in excess of £325,000 and the estate is not passing to a widow or civil partner.

If the estate of the deceased is not classified as an excepted estate and inheritance tax is payable, as well as form PA1 detailed above, you will need form IHT400 plus any associated forms.  You will need associated probate forms for each asset the deceased had. i.e If they had a property there is a separate form to accompany IHT400.

When dealing with an estate in the UK, the Inland Revenue may also send form R27 to the Executors or estate administrators.  Form 27 is an income tax form.  Part of winding up an estate is to ensure that the deceased’s personal income tax affairs are also completed. Completion of form R27 generally entitles the estate to a refund of income tax as a deceased person may have paid too much tax during the last tax year of life.

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Once you have completed the required information your Probate application can be submitted to the District Probate registry.


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