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Probate Disputes

Contesting a Will

The very idea of contesting a will is unpalatable to many people, but this situation is not always avoidable. Perhaps your partner passed away before they wrote or updated a will, or you were left out of a will that should have included you-in situations like these, contesting a will is often your only form of recourse.

Acting quickly is important if you find yourself in this situation, as there are strict time limits for contesting probate and if you do not act, you may leave it too late. It is of course often difficult for those left behind to deal with the legal repercussions of their loss and the distribution of an estate, but Probate a Will is here to support and assist you throughout the whole process and to lift some of the stress and worry from your shoulders.

Call our specialist probate disputes team now on 020 8150 2010 for objective, empathic advice and help on how to proceed. You could have a legitimate claim against a person’s estate if you lived with them in cohabitation, were civil partners, or are an ex-spouse who was in receipt of maintenance prior to their death, and particularly, if you have a child together that they provided some level of support for. Call our probate advice line on 020 8150 2010 for more information.

Problems with Probate

The absence of a will or a will that does not mention you (or your child) does not mean that you cannot make a claim against the deceased’s estate; an unfortunately large number of people find themselves in this position after a bereavement, and intestacy laws make provision for the contesting of probate in situations such as these. Remember a deed of variation could also be entered into in order to settle arguments.

If the estate in question has a value in excess of £50,000, it may well be financially viable to dispute probate or create a probate disputes – for further information please call our specialist low-cost local rate number, 020 8150 2010, for empathic, sensitive advice for your personal situation.

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