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Welcome to Probate a Will, and thank you for visiting. We’re here to help you to navigate the often complicated and sometimes confusing world of wills and probate, providing free advice and a comprehensive and affordable fixed-cost service.

When someone close to you passes away and you find yourself in the position of being named the executor of their will, we can help. Even if the deceased died intestate and you are not sure how to proceed, we can help you to apply for the necessary Letters of Administration required to administer their estate, reducing the pressure at what is of course for many people a very difficult time.

Dealing with the legal side of bereavement and the associated red tape that unfortunately accompanies it can be both disheartening and daunting for the uninitiated, and understanding the legal matters that you will need to work through is of course the first step.

Our goal is to provide clear, plain English advice and information for individuals that need to execute a will or handle the intestate death of a loved one, and to introduce our own offerings of fixed-fee probate services if you decide that you need some help.

What is Probate

Probate with a will
If you are the named executor of a will, we can help you to apply to the Probate Registry for the appropriate Grant of Probate to fulfill your duties. This gives you the legal authority to manage the deceased’s affairs, such as accessing their bank accounts and selling property and other assets.

Probate without a will
If the deceased died without leaving a will, this is known as an intestate death. Ultimately, the laws of intestacy dictate who can apply to become the deceased’s executor and how the deceased’s assets will be divided by means of inheritance, and this is formulated by a set hierarchy based on the subject’s closest living kin.

Making an application
When you make a personal application for probate, first of all you need to apply for the necessary Grant of Probate via the registry of the HM Courts and Tribunals Service.

This involves completing a PA1 application form and an IHT205/400 inheritance tax form, depending on the status of the estate in terms of inheritance tax. This process can understandably be daunting for the executor, but we can assist you with this for a low, fixed probate fee.

Beginning probate
Before we can probate a will on your behalf, firstly we will need to calculate the total value of the estate. This means totting up all of the estate’s assets such as property, pensions, shares, money and chattels, and estimating their total value.

Next, we will list any creditors of the estate, and the details of any jointly-owned assets. From here, we can calculate whether or not the estate will be liable for inheritance tax, and so, complete and submit the appropriate application forms.

Avoid probate registry interviews
Once your paperwork has been processed, probate is usually granted within a few weeks. Allowing Probate a Will to take care of this for you means that you will not be required to attend an in-person interview at the Probate Registry, something that can of course be both inconvenient and potentially distressing for the executor themselves.

Probate a Will

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Probate services:
We can assist you in your application for probate, or offer a complete estate administration package to take the pressure off yourself. Probate fees are fixed and agreed in advance, with nothing to pay up front.

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